When it comes to choosing a shade structure color for your house, business, school or childcare centre the possibilities can seem nearly endless. Your choice of colour is one of the selections that also will have the biggest impact on the final look of your project; color and shade design are what people tend to notice first.
There are several options you will want to consider when choosing shade sail colours:

1. Your Surrounding Environment
When you choose a shade colour look at your surroundings in terms of buildings or surrounded landscapes.. What colors are already in the environment? What colours would blend in with the surroundings? If your shade structure will be in a green space with lots of trees and natural elements, softer, natural shades might be the solution

2. Your Branding
You may wish to incorporate your company’s colors into your shades to further enhance your branding efforts. This helps to ensure that the most recognizable parts of your brand are visible from a distance. Keep in mind that larger shade structures, in particular, can be seen from quite a distance away, so picking a color of shade structure that matches your company’s brand can catch the eyes of those passing by and help draw in additional foot traffic.

3. Your Goal
What do you want your shade to do, besides just offering protection from the sun? If your shade structure in a park or school your goal might be to allow the shade to blend in with the natural environment, meaning you want green and brown hues.
If your shade structure protects a parking area, on the other hand, you may want bright colors so motorists can easily find it. A brighter, colourful shade sail might be used for a daycare or playground, but for a business, you may also want to use a colour which will show off an aura of sophistication.

4. UV Protection
Different colours offer different UVE protection factors. Your darker colours block out more UV rays, making them a natural choice for warmer and sunnier areas of the country. Lighter colors, in general, allow more of the sun’s rays to pass through for the more colder areas.
If UVE protection is important to you, make sure you check the protection factor of different shades and colours before you make a selection. Here’s an overview of Rainbow Shade shade fabrics and Serge Ferrari waterproof vinyl fabrics